Color Picture Frames and When to Use Them

The frame around an art piece or picture is probably one of the most terribly underrated aspects of your artwork. Picture frames are often an important element of your artwork or photo itself as it houses the piece and affects how people see your work. Innovative picture frames rich with colors can be instrumental in bringing your artwork and photos to life.


Why Use Custom Picture Frames?

It doesn’t matter if you will frame your old photo, the handprint of your child or an important artwork. This project will definitely serve as the perfect reflection of your taste and personality. Going to a picture framing store in NYC will give you a good insight of the numerous benefits of getting custom color frames:

  • No force fitting – the size of your photo or art will dictate the final size of the frame and mat to ensure perfect symmetry.

  • Acid free and high quality materials to protect your artwork or photo and keep this in pristine condition for a longer time.

  • Unlimited options in matting and molding.

  • This is more affordable than what you may think.

  • Value retention since an improperly treated art is going to lose its value and deteriorate quickly

  • Confidence in knowing that the job is done in the most professional manner. Various kinds of art calls for its own unique special treatment. Canvas must not be framed similar to needlework or a charcoal sketch.

Tips to Remember When Choosing Color Picture Frames

During your search for color picture frames, it is very important that you choose a frame which will not distract the viewers from what you want to display. Going for a cold picture frame or white picture frame is a surefire way for making your art pop. Just make sure that you are extra mindful in not choosing a frame which will clash with your photo or artwork.

It is also wise if you try to avoid those frames which bear the same color as the artwork that you will put in it. It is common to case a light piece of artwork inside a dark frame since contrast is a great way to separate your frame and art. The use of a complementary color for the picture frame can help your art pop and make the colors look so much lovelier.

If you like your home to have that special touch of creativity with unique art pieces and photos of you and your loved ones, it is definitely a great idea to invest in beautiful color picture frames. This may appear simple but you have to make sure that you consider the things on how to get the best out of this simple yet amazing form of decoration.

Make sure that you talk to a trusted picture frames store about the details and specifications you need and they will be more than happy to guide you throughout the process.

Color picture frames are definitely a fantastic option if you want to have a brightly colored frame that will electrify your photos and arts.


Three important aspect to consider while selecting frames online

In today’s digital age just about anything can be framed however, many people are under the impression that framing is an arduous task and requires professional help at every step of the way. While it is true that professional help should be taken, when looking to frame a costly artwork or heirloom, but getting professionals to frame your every artwork can soon become cumbersome and costly task.
Nick Paciorek

There is no dearth of availability of frames online. With inline websites, you can just about frame anything today: photographs, fabric, papyrus, paintings in the comfort of your living room. However certain consideration should be taken when choosing frames online. Given below are 3 important aspect to consider while selecting frames online:

Molding Size
There are many mold designs and shapes available. Choosing the correct width is important. Molding size is normally chosen relative to the frame, and can differ, if frame design changes.


A too wide molding can distract attention from the artwork and too thin a molding can provide a week support to the frame and can fall under heavy load.

Frame widths are generally of three types
Thin size: Thin size mold is no more than half an inch and is best suited for frames which are not any larger than 14in x 16in.
Medium size: They are between 1” and 2” thick. These can also hold 2 or 3 v-nails for hanging purpose and can frame up-to the size of 22” x 24”
Large Sized Molding: These molding are above 3” or thicker and can hold frames larger than than 22” x 24”. So based on frame size you can order appropriate mold online.

Color Choice

Users are spoilt for color choices. Colors range from monochromes to vibrant color. While choosing color for frame, it should be kept in mind that the frame color should not dominate the artwork. Browns and black are normally safe color for a frame. But based on the Theme of the artwork and environment the right color should be chosen. The place where the frame is going to be hung directly dictates the frame color so as to compliment the other items in the room. So choose a color which compliments the artwork and surrounding and if in doubt go for monochrome color.

Mat Board

Matting not only provides aesthetic look and feel to the frame but has functional use as well.

VC152618lIt provides spacing between the art and glass. This is important as it prevents color peeling overtime and also helps in reducing humidity inside the frame. There is no dearth of choice in Mat boards these days. They come in various textures and colors, and you should always consult a professional while picking out these mats. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, go for a thicker border. Choosing a thin mat is the most common mistakes made while custom picture framing. A good quality Mat above 1” should do the trick.

So by keeping these 3 tips in mind you can assure yourself that you choose the right looking frame for your picture, which complements and accentuates your artwork beauty and also at the best price.

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