Color Picture Frames and When to Use Them

The frame around an art piece or picture is probably one of the most terribly underrated aspects of your artwork. Picture frames are often an important element of your artwork or photo itself as it houses the piece and affects how people see your work. Innovative picture frames rich with colors can be instrumental in bringing your artwork and photos to life.


Why Use Custom Picture Frames?

It doesn’t matter if you will frame your old photo, the handprint of your child or an important artwork. This project will definitely serve as the perfect reflection of your taste and personality. Going to a picture framing store in NYC will give you a good insight of the numerous benefits of getting custom color frames:

  • No force fitting – the size of your photo or art will dictate the final size of the frame and mat to ensure perfect symmetry.

  • Acid free and high quality materials to protect your artwork or photo and keep this in pristine condition for a longer time.

  • Unlimited options in matting and molding.

  • This is more affordable than what you may think.

  • Value retention since an improperly treated art is going to lose its value and deteriorate quickly

  • Confidence in knowing that the job is done in the most professional manner. Various kinds of art calls for its own unique special treatment. Canvas must not be framed similar to needlework or a charcoal sketch.

Tips to Remember When Choosing Color Picture Frames

During your search for color picture frames, it is very important that you choose a frame which will not distract the viewers from what you want to display. Going for a cold picture frame or white picture frame is a surefire way for making your art pop. Just make sure that you are extra mindful in not choosing a frame which will clash with your photo or artwork.

It is also wise if you try to avoid those frames which bear the same color as the artwork that you will put in it. It is common to case a light piece of artwork inside a dark frame since contrast is a great way to separate your frame and art. The use of a complementary color for the picture frame can help your art pop and make the colors look so much lovelier.

If you like your home to have that special touch of creativity with unique art pieces and photos of you and your loved ones, it is definitely a great idea to invest in beautiful color picture frames. This may appear simple but you have to make sure that you consider the things on how to get the best out of this simple yet amazing form of decoration.

Make sure that you talk to a trusted picture frames store about the details and specifications you need and they will be more than happy to guide you throughout the process.

Color picture frames are definitely a fantastic option if you want to have a brightly colored frame that will electrify your photos and arts.


Six Ways To Lower Picture-Framing Costs

Some people don’t consider picture frame for the reason that they think this is expensive. Well, it basically depends on the frames you are going to use or the custom framing services in New York, you prefer. You can still find affordable picture framing in today’s market. As a matter of fact, there are some ways on how you may minimize the cost of picture framing and these include:

picture frame

  • Do Not Buy from Retail Stores

If possible, skip the middle man and buy from a wholesaler or manufacturer instead. Custom frame shops typically purchase from the picture frame distributors, which only means higher prices for the reason that they have high overhead. However, you have to remember that even if you purchase from the distributor or manufacturer, you do not always get better pricing. Therefore, try shopping around first before you buy frames.

  • Shop Local

Consider shopping within your local area. It’s because once you buy online, you’ll be needed to pay for the shipping fees. If you will buy in your local area, you don’t have to think about the shipping fees. You only have to deal with the traveling costs. If you think that the traveling costs are much expensive than the shipping fees charged by online stores, it might be a good idea to buy online instead to enjoy convenience.

  • Buying in Bulk

It’s probably another good way to enjoy saving. This also helps you save time when it comes to order processing and shipping costs.

  • Don’t Mind about the Service

Another reason why almost all custom frame shops are a bit expensive is because they offer good service. The best ones have certified picture framers who understand and know how to determine artwork and frame it safely so it would last for years. They also know how to frame artwork aesthetically through different options. They also perform final assembly like getting rid of any dirt particles before sealing the frame package. To a much lesser degree, wholesalers and distributors will provide various service levels.

Several companies may ship an order incomplete so you won’t determine about the stock issue until you get your order. Others also have several error rates, accuracy rates, quality rates, packaging quality, and order fulfillment rates. Providing outstanding customer service, less back-orders, faster turnaround of the order, and less shipping damage basically means high quality employees, costlier supplies, expensive equipment, and high costs on inventory.

  • Don’t Prioritize Quality

If you are like others who are not after the quality of the frames or framing services, it is actually okay to sacrifice the item’s quality. This will help you save an ample amount of money. However, if quality is everything to you, expect to pay a costly service.

  • Purchase Raw Materials

You may save money through buying raw materials including full sheets of mat board and cutting them on your own. But, this might require time and special equipment. If you can buy equipment, this option might be a good idea.

Picture framing doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on the framer you choose, keep those mentioned tips above to reduce cost and save money in the long run. Paint Box Art & Framing, the one-stop-destination for all your picture framing needs offers you the best and affordable service in the industry. You can choose one of the customized picture frame according to your need and budget. Just remember one thing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in frame picking. You have to keep in mind that framing is a form of visual communication. The better your communication would be, the better it would be for your artwork. A better “finish” in framing is well worth the extra time and investment in the long run.

Custom Picture Framing: Is It Possible To Find Inexpensive Custom Picture Framing

There might be no need for you to buy picture frames every day. However, you might still want to get affordable but innovative picture frames when you want to frame a special poster, photo and artwork and hang it on your wall.

But, the main question now is, where will you find good deals of quality and reasonably priced picture frames?


Nationwide Craft Chain Stores

Places like these are loaded with picture frames of various sizes, shapes and styles. Though these might not necessarily be the best innovative picture frames that you can get, still, many of them are pretty great and can work well with most framing needs. You just have to prepare yourself for the need to go from one store to another so that you can find exactly what you need. You also have to remember that they don’t have their products on sale all the time but you can still score some good deals.

Local Art Supply Shops

You might also want to check around your local art supply shop to see if they have any picture frames for sale. If you are lucky, the art store in your place may also offer framing and will put out some readymade picture frames in standard and popular sizes at great prices. In most cases, they don’t have the right color or size but they still do at times.

Large Catalogs of Art Supply

Large catalogs of art supply offer picture frames at affordable prices although you might not exactly know what you will be getting. There are instances when they are really good but there are times when they are not. If you order frames and you get one with a defect, it could be difficult to have them shipped back. But you can still some great buys and plenty of styles and sizes to choose from with these suppliers.

Online Picture Frame Shops

You can now find a lot of websites online that offer picture frames for very affordable prices. Many of them try to outdo one another with their rock bottom price tags. If you will look around, you will surely get what you need. Just be careful with the handling and shipping charges.

Frame Shops

When all of the above options will never work out, you can always look for a specialized picture framing store NYC. Typically, you cannot really expect that these frame shops have the cheapest prices. But, most of the time, you can get frames and molding that never got used or happened to be a mistake and you can get a good deal out of them if you will only care to ask.

When it comes to innovative picture frames that come in inexpensive prices, you actually have a lot of options and you just have to look around. If you have some creations from experts in Fine art & Giclee printing SoHo, NYC,you would definitely want to put these prints in only the best picture frames with no need for you to break the bank.

If you will consider all these factors carefully you would be in a better position to choose the framing material that best suits your custom picture frame. PaintBox Art & Framing can further help you on account of its years of expertise in choosing the best framing material for your frame. You can select from the various custom picture framing material like Plastic, Veneer, Metal, etc. All you have to do is to follow your gut feeling and choose the best material for your artwork. By choosing the most appropriate framing material to custom frame any piece of artwork, you will not only help in preserving it, but you will also ensure that your framed art is enhanced both in its look and life-span.

Opting for Custom Picture Framing? Here Are a Few Things You Should Consider

For some people, custom picture framing is nothing but a real painful and intimidating task. Well, this is true in a sense. Custom framing, whether it is canvas framing or picture framing for that matter, calls for careful decision making. However, this will not be a problem when you choose to work with expert professionals.


However, custom picture framing is still one of the best things that you can ever go for. Make sure that you learn first about the following considerations to ensure the best results ?

Know Your Personal and Unique Style

Don’t forget to provide your framer with some information on other things found in your home space where you plan to hang the frame. Would you like a clean and modern look or is an eclectic and traditional mix the best way to go for you?

Take Note of the Space

Your art or photograph can be dressed down or dressed up. Arts and photos that will be put over the place will be framed in a different way from those that will go in your kitchen.

Be Opinionated and Open-Minded at the Same Time

It doesn’t hurt to have your own opinions when it comes to custom framing but it would also be great if you can also heed some advice or suggestions from other people to guarantee that you won’t end up disappointed with the final result.

Celebrate Diversity

There are times when you will feel inclined to go for black photograph framing just because the rest of the frames in your room are black. Whether you believe it or not, no one will notice if your frames have the same color. Instead, people will notice the beauty of your art and photographs when you use the right frame with the right color. Don’t limit yourself and try to mix things up.

Size Does Matter

Part of the job of custom framing providers is to check that the frame is strong and solid enough to support everything that will go inside it. Never get upset when your dreams of a tiny thin frame vanish. More than anyone else, the experts are the ones who will ensure that everything is safe and will last long on your wall.

Good Framing Can Last a Lifetime or Longer

Much of the custom framing works of today will likely be passed on as a heirloom for your children or grandchildren. Experts in photograph and canvas framing make use of the finest preservation and museum quality materials and protective glass. They understand that you will not frame something that is not important for you so they will take care of it in the best way they can.


When your budget is your main concern, you can always work with your chosen custom framing provider so that they can make the necessary adjustments with the design.

Find a Love to Last a Lifetime

If you have already narrowed down the design to several choices but you still find it hard to decide on what frame to go with, take note that you will look at this piece every single day for the rest of your life. Pick a frame that can make your heart sing and bring you loads of joy.

The next task in your hand is to search for an ideal framer who can give you right alternatives at an affordable price. Apart from choosing the right design, shape and size, proper value should be given towards material used for the frame. You can trust the framer’s professional advice if you have chosen the right one. Paint Box Art& Framing, the one-stop-destination for all your picture framing needs offers you the best service in the industry. You can choose one of the customized picture frame according to your need and budget. Just remember one thing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in frame picking. You have to keep in mind that framing is a form of visual communication. The better your communication would be, the better it would be for your artwork. A better “finish” in framing is well worth the extra time and investment in the long run.

10 Most Interesting Facts About Picture Framing

Picture framing is known as a good business to be in. It is interesting and fun for creative people with great mechanical aptitude, particularly those who like photography and art. It also appeals to men and women of all demographics, in communities in small and large. In fact, some who became hooked on picture framing’s unique nature now offer picture framing services. Whether you want picture framing for your business or wish to master it to make various crafts, there are several facts you should know about it and these include:

  1. American Empire Style Frames are the term used for the earliest American frames, which are utilitarian and very spare. They’re similar to simple cove or scoop in the wall molding found in the colonial architecture.

  2. Frames change due to historic events. With the advancement in photography in mid-19th century, a growing middle class started fashion homemade frames. By 1930s, as the new art movement arose called Abstract Expressionism, a new painting style dictated the kind of frame that’s needed or in some instances weren’t required. Abstract Expressionism needed only a strip of frame or no frame.

  3. American frames may be distinguished from European frames through its iconography. For instance, the acanthus leaf is usually European design. Yet, as the US became an agricultural power in 1850s, images of wheat, com, and tobacco started to appear on frames.

  4. Sometimes, artists make their own frames as a form of art. Later, owners of the painting might change frames for their own aesthetic reasons. This disrupts or displaces the history of the artwork.

  5. There’s no copyright law on the frames, so there’s no stopping makers from mimicking another. As results, a lot of frames were designed and produced to look like the earlier frames.

  6. Picture frames basically frame borders utilized primarily on the images to exhibit, protect, complement, and enhance the image.

  7. Materials used to make the picture frames differ, traditionally wood is utilized, yet plastic and metals including bronze, silver, and aluminum are used and they’re commonly gilded even if some cheaper techniques of coloring frames are often employed.

  8. Pictures are also referred to as the photo frames and generally, they include several forms of standing mechanism or hanging system in the back so that they can be displayed on a piece of furniture, wall or shelf.

  9. Generally, picture frames are elliptical, circular or rectangular shape, while some shaped frames are reserved for framing photos, even if the modern digital frames are made to display digital images.

  10. Glass can be also used in picture frames for image’s further protection, even if it’s excluded for artworks crafted of oil or acrylic mediums because of their special properties. While majority of frames have a kind of spacer, like a mat or mount board, between the picture and glass to separate the two, which is crucial to protect the picture from being smudged, damaged or from condensation.

PaintBox Art & Framing can further help you on account of its years of expertise in choosing the best framing material for your frame. You can select from the various custom picture framing material like Plastic, Veneer, Metal, etc. All you have to do is to follow your gut feeling and choose the best material for your artwork. By choosing the most appropriate framing material to custom frame any piece of artwork, you will not only help in preserving it, but you will also ensure that your framed art is enhanced both in its look and life-span.

Can your Artwork sustain the test of time without Picture Frame?

An artwork is the prized possession of you and it’s your responsibility to take care of it. You should do everything to help it survive through the test of time. A picture frame is something on which you can rely as far as protecting your artwork from environmental hazards is concerned. A beautiful and quality picture frame can help your artwork both with looks and protection.

A beautifully designed and matted framed can protect and visually enhance your artwork. Beside this picture frame has a practical and economic consideration as well, a framed artwork attracts more viewers and can be sold more easily and quickly. A good picture frame selection is an art itself and requires both good taste and some basic knowledge of picture framing. The better educated you are about the protection and conservation of your artwork from environmental hazards, better it will be for your artwork. Some of the dangers to which your artwork is prone to is mentioned below:

Protecting against LIGHT

Though it may sound strange but light is perhaps the most common and greatest danger for artwork on papers. Ultraviolet radiation, the invisible short wave component of light is the most destructive element for your paper. The source of ultraviolet radiation is both natural and artificial in the form of natural daylight and fluorescent light. To avoid damage from light you should never hang your art directly in the sunlight or too close to a bright fluorescent light. Thus a good high quality picture frame can help your artwork survive the test of time.

Protecting against MOISTURE

The moisture which is present in the paper or in the environment can be the detrimental factor for your artwork. The moisture present can combine with sulphate ions in the presence of iron resulting in the formation of sulphuric acid. This acid destroys your paper and the artwork on it. Another danger that moisture can bring upon is the mould. Due to moisture, mould thrives and grows on the paper appearing as dull rust-colored patches called “foxing”. So to avoid the impact of moisture on your artwork proper picture frame is required.

Protecting against INSECTS

Insects like silverfish, termite, cockroach, woodworm, etc can bring significant damage to your artwork. These insects thrives and grow with the passage of time and destroy your artwork. Though termites and woodworm usually grows on wood but they are enemies of anything which is made of cellulose, including paper. These insects will slowly and steadily get into your artwork and devour the flour paste and glue sizing. The damage these insects will bring is irreparable and you can only stop them by a quality picture frame.

Protecting against HEAT

Heat falling directly on your artwork can also destroy it completely. Exposing your artwork to heat will lead to deterioration of paper because of the high temperature. Never hang your artwork near direct or even indirect heat as even the ashes containing sulphate can damage the artwork. Keep your artwork away and safe from getting too much heat. A well designed and high-quality picture frame can help you with protecting your artwork against heat.

The next task in your hand is to search for an ideal framer who can give you right alternatives at an affordable price. Apart from choosing the right the right design, shape and size, proper importance should be given towards material used for the frame. You can trust the framer’s professional advice if you have chosen the right one. Professinal framers like PaintboxArt & Framing can advice you to choose the right frame according to your need & Budget. Just remember one thing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in frame picking. You have to keep in mind that framing is a form of visual communication. The better your communication would be, the better it would be for your artwork. A better “finish” in framing is well worth the extra time and investment in the long run.

Get Your Picture Framed for Better Value

“The right framing is the final exclamation point on the finished artwork.”

Framing can make or break a work of art. It really does make a difference. Even a not-so-good painting seems to improve in proper framing. The chief reasons to frame your art is to enhance your work, compliment it, to protect it from damage from elements like moisture and dust and from physical damage from handling, touching and transporting. Often, a client will see piece of artwork, fall in love with it, and then say, “but that frame ……” Is there anything more discouraging than having to re-frame a piece when you put so much time and investment into framing it in the first place? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find exactly the right frame every time? And, of course, framing is also a matter of taste. What works for one painting may not work for another. And what one artist likes may not be appreciated by another as it is with clients purchasing artwork. There is so much to choose from in frames.

Picture framing Newyork

Its really a great job of accentuating your artwork. Some key issues that will help you choose a perfect frame-

Custom Framing…Is it really that important!- Whether you are framing a poster, your kid’s handprints, or a fine work of art, custom framing will reflect your personal taste and protect your piece for years to come.
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Why are Picture Frames Costly

Custom Frames can be a costly affair and especially intimidating for those who are getting it done for the first time. The frame, matting, glazing, etc. all adds up to an amount which is more than what the customer has in mind. It is not uncommon for customers to feel cheated or go for a much cheaper ready-made option after knowing the cost involved. Hence, it is important to understand the frame value chain, in order to fully appreciate the cost involved in framing.

Beautiful Frames For Museum Quality FramingValue Chain

To understand the framing value chain, it is important to understand how a wooden boards are turned into a molding and quality that is desired for custom picture framing.

Wooden board needs to be cut into shape on turning bit at a high speed. This way we get the desired shape and size of the frame. The benefit of this process is customized, intricate design which is as per customer exact specification. The uniqueness of this process and workmanship, therefore make it expensive to produce. There would be a visual difference between a hand cut frame and a mass produced frame. This is the primary reason hand cut frames are costlier than other kind of frames.

Post this process, the molding is providers a high quality finish by coating it with quality paint such as lacquer, gesso etc. The extra material and labor adds up to the cost, and the end product is an sophisticated looking frame with great aesthetics.

Journey from Manufacturer to Wholesaler

Once the molding is ready to be shipped, next in value chain lays the wholesaler. The packaging required for the molding depends on the size of the mold and brings an extra cost of packaging, transport with it. A framing wholesaler’s mark-up will be anywhere between 10% and 50% and often they sell their inventory in a very small area, thus charging premium for this facility.

Journey from Wholesaler to Retailer

This is where most significant mark-up happens in the whole value chain. i.e. between shopkeeper and consumer . On an average a store can mark-up the price to as high as 400% . So the question arises is Why?

We need to understand the economics of running a shop. In case of a molding manufacturer, they have the option to sell to the whole country from one place, but for a frame shop next door, who has a target consumer base of a neighborhood it is quite difficult to generate high volumes. Generating volume is a problem for these retailers, hence to earn profit and pay of their bills the prices are marked-up. This is especially applicable on a Mom and Pop shops who sell considerably less frames when compared to a huge retail chain, hence a Mom and Pop store sells frame for more money than a popular chain store.

In today’s day and age, there are other avenues to buy frame. Buying frames online can be a cheaper option but customization offered online is minimal. There is also very less assistance and guidance available online. These online stores may provide video or tutorials, but nothing beats a face to face interaction with an experienced framer. But then as we discussed this comes with a price tag.

Redymade Frames Eventually a decision to buy frame should be made based on your requirement and budget. If customer does not have an idea about the custom picture frame, then buying online can be a bad idea. In that case, face to face sale is best form of option. Online option is only best when you want a reasonable frame, with no customization at a cheaper budget.

Three important aspect to consider while selecting frames online

In today’s digital age just about anything can be framed however, many people are under the impression that framing is an arduous task and requires professional help at every step of the way. While it is true that professional help should be taken, when looking to frame a costly artwork or heirloom, but getting professionals to frame your every artwork can soon become cumbersome and costly task.
Nick Paciorek

There is no dearth of availability of frames online. With inline websites, you can just about frame anything today: photographs, fabric, papyrus, paintings in the comfort of your living room. However certain consideration should be taken when choosing frames online. Given below are 3 important aspect to consider while selecting frames online:

Molding Size
There are many mold designs and shapes available. Choosing the correct width is important. Molding size is normally chosen relative to the frame, and can differ, if frame design changes.


A too wide molding can distract attention from the artwork and too thin a molding can provide a week support to the frame and can fall under heavy load.

Frame widths are generally of three types
Thin size: Thin size mold is no more than half an inch and is best suited for frames which are not any larger than 14in x 16in.
Medium size: They are between 1” and 2” thick. These can also hold 2 or 3 v-nails for hanging purpose and can frame up-to the size of 22” x 24”
Large Sized Molding: These molding are above 3” or thicker and can hold frames larger than than 22” x 24”. So based on frame size you can order appropriate mold online.

Color Choice

Users are spoilt for color choices. Colors range from monochromes to vibrant color. While choosing color for frame, it should be kept in mind that the frame color should not dominate the artwork. Browns and black are normally safe color for a frame. But based on the Theme of the artwork and environment the right color should be chosen. The place where the frame is going to be hung directly dictates the frame color so as to compliment the other items in the room. So choose a color which compliments the artwork and surrounding and if in doubt go for monochrome color.

Mat Board

Matting not only provides aesthetic look and feel to the frame but has functional use as well.

VC152618lIt provides spacing between the art and glass. This is important as it prevents color peeling overtime and also helps in reducing humidity inside the frame. There is no dearth of choice in Mat boards these days. They come in various textures and colors, and you should always consult a professional while picking out these mats. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, go for a thicker border. Choosing a thin mat is the most common mistakes made while custom picture framing. A good quality Mat above 1” should do the trick.

So by keeping these 3 tips in mind you can assure yourself that you choose the right looking frame for your picture, which complements and accentuates your artwork beauty and also at the best price.

Breakdown of a Picture Frame

In today’s day and age, digital picture has made taking, processing and viewing pictures easy. Along with the times, Picture frame has also seen some evolution. Digital picture frame can show multiple images like a screen saver. Classic picture frame seems like old age technology today. Indeed picture frame history dates back many years and have seen lot of evolution. However, there are some basic fundamentals of picture frame that has not changed ever since frame came into existence.

The Actual Frame
Picture frames essentially do the job of enhancing your image. Frames are generally made of wood, metal or plastic. The most common materials of which frames are wood and metal.
Wood Frames: Wood frame varies greatly from costly oak molding to bamboo molding. There are varied types of wood frame available in as many types of wood present in market. Wooden frames can bring old age feeling and sophistication to your photograph.
Metal Frames: Metallic frames are much simple to design when compared to wooden frames. Specialty designs can be obtained in Metal framing – such as brushed rounded corners (by using chemicals) and baded designs.

Glazing can be made of Standard Glass or Plexiglas. Standard Glass is the most common glazing used and is inexpensive and readily available. Standard glass is the best option for reproduction prints, posters and artwork.
Plexiglas is lighter than glass, and less dangerous to handle. Plexiglas, in its most advanced form, provides most of the benefit of museum glass and has the ability to filter 50-75% of UV rays along with being anti-static and scratch resistant. Plexiglas is a great alternative and preferred choice of framers around the world.


Mats can be made of cardboard or other materials and serves as a frame within a frame. Mat separates picture from direct contact with the glass and creates a small air space between photographs. Glass also prevents moisture build up. A mat can be decorated as per photograph’s specification- colored, decorated or pure white. The more acidic the mat material quicker the artwork is bound to deteriorate. Normally mats made of cotton are great for preserving art work.

Mats - Picture Framing

Mounting Board
This holds the picture against the mat. This is often the first step in framing process. Normally cardboards are used as mounting board material but framers normally advice against using them. Cardboards are acidic in nature, and this may be detrimental for the artwork over the years. Mounting board with polystyrene core are generally good as they are acid free, have smooth surface , warps less and can be cut smoothly.


So these are the 5 major components of a frame. While selecting suitable frame, all the guidance should be taken into consideration. However, nothing beats the beauty of an experience framer. It is recommended to try various options before finalizing a frame. As this happens so often, even if thing do not look good, might just look great and provide valuable experience to user about choosing correct picture frame.

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