Color Picture Frames and When to Use Them

The frame around an art piece or picture is probably one of the most terribly underrated aspects of your artwork. Picture frames are often an important element of your artwork or photo itself as it houses the piece and affects how people see your work. Innovative picture frames rich with colors can be instrumental in bringing your artwork and photos to life.


Why Use Custom Picture Frames?

It doesn’t matter if you will frame your old photo, the handprint of your child or an important artwork. This project will definitely serve as the perfect reflection of your taste and personality. Going to a picture framing store in NYC will give you a good insight of the numerous benefits of getting custom color frames:

  • No force fitting – the size of your photo or art will dictate the final size of the frame and mat to ensure perfect symmetry.

  • Acid free and high quality materials to protect your artwork or photo and keep this in pristine condition for a longer time.

  • Unlimited options in matting and molding.

  • This is more affordable than what you may think.

  • Value retention since an improperly treated art is going to lose its value and deteriorate quickly

  • Confidence in knowing that the job is done in the most professional manner. Various kinds of art calls for its own unique special treatment. Canvas must not be framed similar to needlework or a charcoal sketch.

Tips to Remember When Choosing Color Picture Frames

During your search for color picture frames, it is very important that you choose a frame which will not distract the viewers from what you want to display. Going for a cold picture frame or white picture frame is a surefire way for making your art pop. Just make sure that you are extra mindful in not choosing a frame which will clash with your photo or artwork.

It is also wise if you try to avoid those frames which bear the same color as the artwork that you will put in it. It is common to case a light piece of artwork inside a dark frame since contrast is a great way to separate your frame and art. The use of a complementary color for the picture frame can help your art pop and make the colors look so much lovelier.

If you like your home to have that special touch of creativity with unique art pieces and photos of you and your loved ones, it is definitely a great idea to invest in beautiful color picture frames. This may appear simple but you have to make sure that you consider the things on how to get the best out of this simple yet amazing form of decoration.

Make sure that you talk to a trusted picture frames store about the details and specifications you need and they will be more than happy to guide you throughout the process.

Color picture frames are definitely a fantastic option if you want to have a brightly colored frame that will electrify your photos and arts.


Floating Picture Frames: Unique Way to Display Your Artwork

Photos serve as the repository and reflection of memorable events you have experienced during your lifetime. A plethora of personalized picture frames are now here for everyone to enjoy. Floating picture frames are one of the top favorite choices of many custom art framing aficionados.

A floating picture frame renders a theatrical staged effect that traditional picture framing style lacks. You can muse over all your happy and special moments with a custom picture frame. It also lets other people get a glimpse of the yesteryear’s as recorded and captured in the photo.

Photo frames and albums indeed play a very crucial role when it comes to preserving all those special moments you had in your life. These materials offer protection to your precious pictures while you display them for everyone to view. These displayed pictures are as dear as your memories so they deserve to be given the appropriate and proper display to enhance their overall value.

Picture frames traditionally contain a clear plastic cover or pane glass which serves as the intermediate between the outside environment and the photo. This is enclosed inside a plastic, metallic or wooden custom picture frame. It has to be carefully sealed so that moisture will not get inside and spoil the photo.


Museum quality framing is critical to enhance the appearance of the picture. But, majority of traditional frames are just two dimensional. It means that only the width and length of the picture is emphasized with no texture and depth. Good thing that modern floating picture framing has been designed to render dramatic effect to the picture while it is hanged on the wall. depth which contributes to the picture’s dimensions. It then gives the photo a floating effect. The emphasis is then placed on the photos as they seem to float between the glass panels, which is the same when you use a highlighter to highlight the texts in books.

Floating picture frames can make all your pictures stand out no matter where you put them. They convert even simplest photos into attention grabbing pieces that you would love and enjoy to look at. This specific picture frame style sandwiches two panels spaced apart from the colored acrylic on the panel with a contrasting color like black to create a floating effect. The space made between the enhancing and contrasting colored background and the clear pane glass on top yield a dimensional.

The use of floating picture framing makes the pictures become more stunning to create a graphic art display. This way, your picture will not only be a simple piece of colored paper and instead, it turns into an artistic, historic and dignified piece of memory or dramatic scene. Floating picture frames are no doubt your best bet if you want to fill your house with uniquely presented artworks. Make sure that you choose expert custom framers to get the highest quality of floating picture frames.

Six Ways To Lower Picture-Framing Costs

Some people don’t consider picture frame for the reason that they think this is expensive. Well, it basically depends on the frames you are going to use or the custom framing services in New York, you prefer. You can still find affordable picture framing in today’s market. As a matter of fact, there are some ways on how you may minimize the cost of picture framing and these include:

picture frame

  • Do Not Buy from Retail Stores

If possible, skip the middle man and buy from a wholesaler or manufacturer instead. Custom frame shops typically purchase from the picture frame distributors, which only means higher prices for the reason that they have high overhead. However, you have to remember that even if you purchase from the distributor or manufacturer, you do not always get better pricing. Therefore, try shopping around first before you buy frames.

  • Shop Local

Consider shopping within your local area. It’s because once you buy online, you’ll be needed to pay for the shipping fees. If you will buy in your local area, you don’t have to think about the shipping fees. You only have to deal with the traveling costs. If you think that the traveling costs are much expensive than the shipping fees charged by online stores, it might be a good idea to buy online instead to enjoy convenience.

  • Buying in Bulk

It’s probably another good way to enjoy saving. This also helps you save time when it comes to order processing and shipping costs.

  • Don’t Mind about the Service

Another reason why almost all custom frame shops are a bit expensive is because they offer good service. The best ones have certified picture framers who understand and know how to determine artwork and frame it safely so it would last for years. They also know how to frame artwork aesthetically through different options. They also perform final assembly like getting rid of any dirt particles before sealing the frame package. To a much lesser degree, wholesalers and distributors will provide various service levels.

Several companies may ship an order incomplete so you won’t determine about the stock issue until you get your order. Others also have several error rates, accuracy rates, quality rates, packaging quality, and order fulfillment rates. Providing outstanding customer service, less back-orders, faster turnaround of the order, and less shipping damage basically means high quality employees, costlier supplies, expensive equipment, and high costs on inventory.

  • Don’t Prioritize Quality

If you are like others who are not after the quality of the frames or framing services, it is actually okay to sacrifice the item’s quality. This will help you save an ample amount of money. However, if quality is everything to you, expect to pay a costly service.

  • Purchase Raw Materials

You may save money through buying raw materials including full sheets of mat board and cutting them on your own. But, this might require time and special equipment. If you can buy equipment, this option might be a good idea.

Picture framing doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on the framer you choose, keep those mentioned tips above to reduce cost and save money in the long run. Paint Box Art & Framing, the one-stop-destination for all your picture framing needs offers you the best and affordable service in the industry. You can choose one of the customized picture frame according to your need and budget. Just remember one thing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in frame picking. You have to keep in mind that framing is a form of visual communication. The better your communication would be, the better it would be for your artwork. A better “finish” in framing is well worth the extra time and investment in the long run.

Benefits of Custom Picture Framing

Everybody loves to modify things in their own way. Be it re-decorating a house or an entire art gallery. Getting things your own way is always tempting, even when it comes to framing your prized possession. Custom artwork framing can be one tricky thing. There are so many things to consider before finalizing the design that will truly beautify your picture – from selecting an appropriate matting to glazing the front section of the frame. Nonetheless, custom picture framing has its own perks that makes it a priority over ready-made frames. Going for custom frames undoubtedly requires much more investment of time and attention on your part; however, the results are totally worth the effort.


The main purpose behind custom picture framing is to enhance your treasure of art flawlessly. Store-bought frames have standard sizes and you need to adjust the dimensions of your picture accordingly. Chances are it might ruin the look and feel of your creation or illustration. Custom frames eliminate that risk completely; you can modify both the size and design of your frame. Below mentioned are other reasons as to why you should give custom framing a consideration.

  • Unique Design

    It is the biggest perk of custom framing. While others go to a frame store and choose among the same designs, your frame will stand-out from the rest. Moreover, you get to express your personality. It’s a win-win! No matter what object you choose to frame – art, picture or any other inherited piece – it will only beautify the surroundings. The frame will portray a blend of your artwork and interior design of the space

  • Custom frames are long-lasting

    There should be no compromisation when it comes to quality of your frame – unless you are not looking for long-term maintenance of course. Custom frames are always a high quality product because their designing involves the tool and techniques used by a professional framer. A ready made frame is usually made of plastic or resin and has a cardboard based support at the back (which is an obviously not preferable because of its degrading long-term effects on the artwork). Furthermore, the glass is not UV which means no protection from harmful rays either.

  • You get numerous options to choose from

    It’s always better to get lost in the gazillion frame designs presented in front of you then to juggle among the same limited pieces. With custom framing, you get to choose exclusive design materials that are otherwise hard to come across. You can perfectly synchronize your frame with the enclosed surroundings.

  • It’s a new experience altogether

    Every art represents a unique idea and memory, and framing one requires a special treatment from you. A custom picture framer learns a lot in this entire process, right from what kind of mistakes should be avoided to which design will bring out the best from the art piece. Moreover, it polishes your creative skills to eventually become a professional in the job.

The next task in your hand is to search for an ideal framer who can give you right custom framing service at an affordable price. You can trust the framer’s professional advice for customization if you have chosen the right one. Paint Box Art & Framing, the one-stop-destination for all your picture framing needs offers you the best service in the industry. You can choose one of the customized picture frame according to your need and budget. Just remember one thing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in frame picking. You have to keep in mind that framing is a form of visual communication. The better your communication would be, the better it would be for your artwork. A better “finish” in framing is well worth the extra time and investment in the long run.

Biggest Online Custom Framing Mistakes To Avoid

Picture framing is stress-free for people who know exactly how to do it, but it can be a challenge for those who don’t know what frame goes with what kind of pictures and on which wall it can be placed most accurately. The pictures can be of anything, but it you are thinking about framing it, which means it’s close to your heart, and these precious artwork or photos need preservation. For people who are new at photo framing for them, personalized picture frames are the best choice as these comes with customized designs and patterns. So it will be an awe-inspiring component for the interior of your house.


Custom art framing is one of the best choices for those who don’t have any experience with picture framing and want some excellent designs for their picture frames. You can buy custom art framing for you picture and custom picture frame can give you best aesthetic guidance with selected frame style and color. If you are someone who is currently researching online about the best personalized picture frames, then this article is for you. Read on to grab some hot tip and guidance about some common mistakes that people make while buying personalized picture frames.

Some mistakes people make while choosing personalized picture frames

Too small mat border

Selecting a small mat border for personalized picture frames is the worst selection one can make while choosing custom picture frame. The primary purpose of a mat border is to prevent the picture from coming into contact with the glazing of the frame. If the mat border is too small, then the picture will come into contact with the glazing and that will ruin the artwork.

Buying Plexiglas one other than real glass

Plexi is more translucent than glass. It’s vibrant than glass. But glass is sturdy more than Plexi. Plexi get scratches easily it’s not hardy enough to withstand accident damage. Maximum Museum quality framing are made up of glass as these looks elegant and translucent and it sturdier to withstand harsh chemical effect. Museum quality framing is the best in class option if you want elegancy to reflect from your picture frame.

Always order sample before you buy frames online

A picture of a photo-frame can look elegant and alluring enough to provoke you to take a quick buying decision. But don’t forget to order a sample before buying the frame. The color and texture can differ from the pictures that are available on the internet.

Before you make your buying decision, don’t forget to get some ideas from the internet and do a thorough research online. When you are buying customized photo frame for the first time, then an in-depth research on different aspect of various photo frames is a must.

In modern times people from around the world have got immensely serious in bordering their pictures and all hangings with frames for the protection and security of the most memorable and valuable image. Protection through frames helps keep the image safe from germs.

Choose a Picture Frame which will steal your Heart

Numerous picture framing services are available in the market. But selecting a proper frame is associated with many conditions. Choosing a frame isn’t only about style. It’s also about bringing out the inner meaning of the picture. It’s not only about protecting it from the damage it’s also about the proper designing of a picture. The frame needs to be sturdy enough so that it can safeguard the image from any accidental damage. Here in this post, you will get to know some hot tips on how to choose an awe-inspiring picture frame.
Customized designing of frames can add up elegant feature to the picture. The customized frame can bring out uniqueness to your picture. The reason behind the popularization of framing service is that a personalized feature of frames and the adding up elegance to the picture.


Some reason behind choosing customizing framing services
Customizing photo frames incorporate artistic designs and can prevent accidental damage. As customized photo frames can be sturdy. With customized material and features you will get some extra prevention against accidental falls.

With customized picture frames you can make walls look elegant and artistic and in the process can make your picture more attractive and a treat for eyes.

Affordable picture framing services are available to make the framing more cost effective. There are services available online that can give you the best result at an affordable rate. Affordable picture framing is genuine services as they give you an extraordinary output at a reasonable rate.

Another type of picture framing services is hand finished frames. These are an entirely unconventional method of picture framing. As these frames are completely handmade and give your picture a sophisticated touch.

Hand-finished frames are totally stylish and can project classiness combined with your inner sense of creativity. You can design the frames. Online framing services ask for your personalized designs.

Some adjoining services render total customized service at an affordable rate. Any standard framing service can give you overall satisfactory result in the case of customized framing. Cheap framing service can modify your frame or can design a new one but at an affordable rate.

Hand finished frames are best option for those who are trying photo framing for the first time. Cheap Framing Service can help you in getting the best photo frame at an affordable price.

Picture frames can be one of the best components of your interior designing. But before you decide to buy a customized frame make sure it goes well with the rest of the interior designing of your room.

To make sure that you choose best in class frame, also do some prior research online. So that you can avail the best service available in the market and don’t end up with something that will charge you thousands and won’t be able to give you a satisfactory result. The image which you want to frame is quite precious and memorable for you and you cannot risk to ruin the memory linked with it.

Custom Picture Framing: Is It Possible To Find Inexpensive Custom Picture Framing

There might be no need for you to buy picture frames every day. However, you might still want to get affordable but innovative picture frames when you want to frame a special poster, photo and artwork and hang it on your wall.

But, the main question now is, where will you find good deals of quality and reasonably priced picture frames?


Nationwide Craft Chain Stores

Places like these are loaded with picture frames of various sizes, shapes and styles. Though these might not necessarily be the best innovative picture frames that you can get, still, many of them are pretty great and can work well with most framing needs. You just have to prepare yourself for the need to go from one store to another so that you can find exactly what you need. You also have to remember that they don’t have their products on sale all the time but you can still score some good deals.

Local Art Supply Shops

You might also want to check around your local art supply shop to see if they have any picture frames for sale. If you are lucky, the art store in your place may also offer framing and will put out some readymade picture frames in standard and popular sizes at great prices. In most cases, they don’t have the right color or size but they still do at times.

Large Catalogs of Art Supply

Large catalogs of art supply offer picture frames at affordable prices although you might not exactly know what you will be getting. There are instances when they are really good but there are times when they are not. If you order frames and you get one with a defect, it could be difficult to have them shipped back. But you can still some great buys and plenty of styles and sizes to choose from with these suppliers.

Online Picture Frame Shops

You can now find a lot of websites online that offer picture frames for very affordable prices. Many of them try to outdo one another with their rock bottom price tags. If you will look around, you will surely get what you need. Just be careful with the handling and shipping charges.

Frame Shops

When all of the above options will never work out, you can always look for a specialized picture framing store NYC. Typically, you cannot really expect that these frame shops have the cheapest prices. But, most of the time, you can get frames and molding that never got used or happened to be a mistake and you can get a good deal out of them if you will only care to ask.

When it comes to innovative picture frames that come in inexpensive prices, you actually have a lot of options and you just have to look around. If you have some creations from experts in Fine art & Giclee printing SoHo, NYC,you would definitely want to put these prints in only the best picture frames with no need for you to break the bank.

If you will consider all these factors carefully you would be in a better position to choose the framing material that best suits your custom picture frame. PaintBox Art & Framing can further help you on account of its years of expertise in choosing the best framing material for your frame. You can select from the various custom picture framing material like Plastic, Veneer, Metal, etc. All you have to do is to follow your gut feeling and choose the best material for your artwork. By choosing the most appropriate framing material to custom frame any piece of artwork, you will not only help in preserving it, but you will also ensure that your framed art is enhanced both in its look and life-span.

Opting for Custom Picture Framing? Here Are a Few Things You Should Consider

For some people, custom picture framing is nothing but a real painful and intimidating task. Well, this is true in a sense. Custom framing, whether it is canvas framing or picture framing for that matter, calls for careful decision making. However, this will not be a problem when you choose to work with expert professionals.


However, custom picture framing is still one of the best things that you can ever go for. Make sure that you learn first about the following considerations to ensure the best results ?

Know Your Personal and Unique Style

Don’t forget to provide your framer with some information on other things found in your home space where you plan to hang the frame. Would you like a clean and modern look or is an eclectic and traditional mix the best way to go for you?

Take Note of the Space

Your art or photograph can be dressed down or dressed up. Arts and photos that will be put over the place will be framed in a different way from those that will go in your kitchen.

Be Opinionated and Open-Minded at the Same Time

It doesn’t hurt to have your own opinions when it comes to custom framing but it would also be great if you can also heed some advice or suggestions from other people to guarantee that you won’t end up disappointed with the final result.

Celebrate Diversity

There are times when you will feel inclined to go for black photograph framing just because the rest of the frames in your room are black. Whether you believe it or not, no one will notice if your frames have the same color. Instead, people will notice the beauty of your art and photographs when you use the right frame with the right color. Don’t limit yourself and try to mix things up.

Size Does Matter

Part of the job of custom framing providers is to check that the frame is strong and solid enough to support everything that will go inside it. Never get upset when your dreams of a tiny thin frame vanish. More than anyone else, the experts are the ones who will ensure that everything is safe and will last long on your wall.

Good Framing Can Last a Lifetime or Longer

Much of the custom framing works of today will likely be passed on as a heirloom for your children or grandchildren. Experts in photograph and canvas framing make use of the finest preservation and museum quality materials and protective glass. They understand that you will not frame something that is not important for you so they will take care of it in the best way they can.


When your budget is your main concern, you can always work with your chosen custom framing provider so that they can make the necessary adjustments with the design.

Find a Love to Last a Lifetime

If you have already narrowed down the design to several choices but you still find it hard to decide on what frame to go with, take note that you will look at this piece every single day for the rest of your life. Pick a frame that can make your heart sing and bring you loads of joy.

The next task in your hand is to search for an ideal framer who can give you right alternatives at an affordable price. Apart from choosing the right design, shape and size, proper value should be given towards material used for the frame. You can trust the framer’s professional advice if you have chosen the right one. Paint Box Art& Framing, the one-stop-destination for all your picture framing needs offers you the best service in the industry. You can choose one of the customized picture frame according to your need and budget. Just remember one thing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in frame picking. You have to keep in mind that framing is a form of visual communication. The better your communication would be, the better it would be for your artwork. A better “finish” in framing is well worth the extra time and investment in the long run.

Earlier picture frame or the latest picture frame- Which one is better?

Photos are the collection of all our memories. With the camera, we like to capture our best moments and make them memorable. But have you ever thought about the protection of all your memories? This may seem quite odd that how can we protect our memories. The best protection of all our memories can be done with the use of a picture frame. The frame not only acts as a support to the image, but it also gives an elegant look and the best protection to the texture of the image.

Old age picture frame

Previously the photo framing which was used was heavier than the modern frames. There was not so much concern on the design of the frames. They were used to provide only support so that you can hang the photos on the wall. Wooden frames were used in the old times, and a glass mounting was done on them. Thus the output result is a heavy substance with a high risk of damage.

Advent of new materials in photo frames

The picture frame which was used in the old times had glass covering mounted on the frame. The glass has characteristics of sticking to the texture of the images. When the glass sticks on the texture of the images, the color of the images gets blurred, and the photo gets ruined. This is the reason for which new techniques emerged in the field of photo frames and canvas framing. Better materials like matboards, light glasses, metals and canvas framing helped us to make our memories more elegant and beautiful.

Technology plays a part in framing industry

New age photo framing focuses on the use of lighter materials. They are also designed to give the picture framing a better and great look. The latest picture framing provide a proper gapping with the photo so that the moisture do not adhere with the texture of the photograph and make the picture. In short, you can say that the images have got a real breathing space. Digital frames and custom framing have got some technology in them which can offer better lighting effect to the frames and you can also choose some custom framing with date and clock facility in them.

Nowadays you will get to see the metal frames are also used in framing the photos. With the use of metal frames the photos get a better support and backing. It looks quite spectacular when they are placed on the side table beside the bed. You will find various stores in the market which offers numerous framing options with varieties designs. Professionals are always there to help you if you are confused about the design and material of the frames.

You can design your memories in your own way with the online picture framers like PaintBoxNolita, PaintBoxArtandFraming , PaintBoxSoho. They have years of experience and expertise in the field of picture framing. These are one-stop solution for all your needs pertaining to custom designed frames, hand-crafted frames, floating frames. Come add colour to your artwork with utmost care and precision.

How To Avoid The Biggest Online Custom Framing Mistakes?

Picture framing is not something which we are not familiar with. We have been using picture frames since ages and they have always been a part of our life. Whether it is a diploma, a family portrait, or some valuable artwork which requires proper preservation, picture frames have always come handy. Though we are not alien to the concept of picture framing, we are still not intricate with the process. This is the reason why most of us shy away from purchasing a picture frame from an online store.

There is no denial to the fact that even the best of the online retailers of picture frames cannot replace the human guidance in providing the best frame for your artwork. Buying a picture frame definitely has some advantages over brick-and-mortar when it comes to less pricing and more options. There are some common mistakes which buyers commit while buying picture frames from any online store. Avoid these mistakes to get the best deal when it comes to choosing the right picture frame for your photo.

1. Choosing The Wrong Mat for Border

The basic function of mat is to protect the artwork from touching the glazing. With constant touch of the artwork and the glazing, the two might stick together and ruin the artwork. Besides giving protection, the mat also gives aesthetic appeal and attract more viewers. The biggest mistake what we do is by choosing a mat which is too narrow for the artwork. The mat border should be atleast two times the width of the frame. Always go for a larger mat border when you are in confusion.

2. Purchasing Too Many conservation grade materials

Since you are not aware about the right kind of conservation grade materials, you might end up buying too many of them. Since the materials comes at a price it might scale up the cost of the picture frame. There is every reason to buy these conservation materials but you should be careful about the selection of the material. Right glazing, matting and backing is required to preserve and maintain your artwork for long.

3. Giving less importance to Plexiglass than Real Glass

The most common misconception that is persistent in every human is the belief that whatever is expensive must be of a better quality. Plexiglass comes at a price dearer than actual glass but it is worth the amount spent on it. It is more durable and hard to break on being dropped, moreover it is clearer than glass. This is the reason why most of the museum artwork have plexiglass. The only disadvantage of plexiglass is that it has to be saved from scratching and chemicals.

4. Placing order without checking samples

Buying picture frames is not similar to purchasing clothes online. Since a lot of emotional value is attached, it is advisable to order sample before placing the order. Most of the online retailers will send you samples if you will insist. After looking at the sample, the customer will be in a better position to decide whether to go for the same or not. Ask as many questions as possible to satisfy yourself before finalizing your online picture framer.

If you will consider all these factors carefully you would be in a better position to choose the right picture framer who fits your requirements and budget. PaintBox Art & Framing can further help you on account of its years of expertise in choosing the best framing material for your frame. You can select from the various custom picture framing material like Plastic, Veneer, Metal, etc. All you have to do is to follow your gut feeling and choose the best material for your artwork. By choosing the most appropriate framing material to custom frame any piece of artwork, you will not only help in preserving it, but you will also ensure that your framed art is enhanced both in its look and life-span.

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