Benefits of Custom Picture Framing

Everybody loves to modify things in their own way. Be it re-decorating a house or an entire art gallery. Getting things your own way is always tempting, even when it comes to framing your prized possession. Custom artwork framing can be one tricky thing. There are so many things to consider before finalizing the design that will truly beautify your picture – from selecting an appropriate matting to glazing the front section of the frame. Nonetheless, custom picture framing has its own perks that makes it a priority over ready-made frames. Going for custom frames undoubtedly requires much more investment of time and attention on your part; however, the results are totally worth the effort.


The main purpose behind custom picture framing is to enhance your treasure of art flawlessly. Store-bought frames have standard sizes and you need to adjust the dimensions of your picture accordingly. Chances are it might ruin the look and feel of your creation or illustration. Custom frames eliminate that risk completely; you can modify both the size and design of your frame. Below mentioned are other reasons as to why you should give custom framing a consideration.

  • Unique Design

    It is the biggest perk of custom framing. While others go to a frame store and choose among the same designs, your frame will stand-out from the rest. Moreover, you get to express your personality. It’s a win-win! No matter what object you choose to frame – art, picture or any other inherited piece – it will only beautify the surroundings. The frame will portray a blend of your artwork and interior design of the space

  • Custom frames are long-lasting

    There should be no compromisation when it comes to quality of your frame – unless you are not looking for long-term maintenance of course. Custom frames are always a high quality product because their designing involves the tool and techniques used by a professional framer. A ready made frame is usually made of plastic or resin and has a cardboard based support at the back (which is an obviously not preferable because of its degrading long-term effects on the artwork). Furthermore, the glass is not UV which means no protection from harmful rays either.

  • You get numerous options to choose from

    It’s always better to get lost in the gazillion frame designs presented in front of you then to juggle among the same limited pieces. With custom framing, you get to choose exclusive design materials that are otherwise hard to come across. You can perfectly synchronize your frame with the enclosed surroundings.

  • It’s a new experience altogether

    Every art represents a unique idea and memory, and framing one requires a special treatment from you. A custom picture framer learns a lot in this entire process, right from what kind of mistakes should be avoided to which design will bring out the best from the art piece. Moreover, it polishes your creative skills to eventually become a professional in the job.

The next task in your hand is to search for an ideal framer who can give you right custom framing service at an affordable price. You can trust the framer’s professional advice for customization if you have chosen the right one. Paint Box Art & Framing, the one-stop-destination for all your picture framing needs offers you the best service in the industry. You can choose one of the customized picture frame according to your need and budget. Just remember one thing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in frame picking. You have to keep in mind that framing is a form of visual communication. The better your communication would be, the better it would be for your artwork. A better “finish” in framing is well worth the extra time and investment in the long run.


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