What is the Future of Custom Picture Framing?

It’s been long since you are experiencing a slowdown in the custom framing industry and the sales are not picking up. There is a gulf between the expected and the actual revenue generated by your picture framing business. People these days are a bit reluctant while going for custom picture framing because they treat it as an extra expense. This passive approach towards this industry has decreased the number of independent custom framers. The number of custom framers have decreased to around 1/4th of what it used to be around 10-15 years ago. If this trend continues, the framing industry will soon see a downfall which will be tough to sustain.

Future of Custom Picture Framing.jpg

The customers these days take quick decisions while buying goods. The traditional custom picture framers will have to change their business models if they want to sustain. Though the customers are aware that the big commercial houses and malls charge them more than the small independent shops, they prefer them. The reason for selecting the malls over small shops is the variety in design and discount in price they get. The small shops have limited design and style when it comes to offering the frames to the customers. The big houses are in a better position to offer its customers what they are looking for.

In this age of internet, the picture framers will have to simplify their products, making it easier for the customers to select. The right promotion of your business on the internet through your business website is a must to compete in this competitive market. The old traditional way of approaching the customer and convincing them is no longer prevalent in the market. The picture framers will have to quickly adapt themselves to the changes and provide the products what the customers want. Looking at the current scenario, it will not be an exaggeration to say that ten years down the line, picture framing will be confined to limited elite class.

If the old business model will not be replaced with new improvised business model, it will not take too long for this industry to die. Though there will be a demand for object framing, it will not require such skills and craftsmanship as is required in custom framing. The old traditional business models have become obsolete and the customers needs something which engages him with custom framing. If you are a custom framer and wish to sustain and flourish in this industry, the only way out is to change with the changing time.

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