How To Avoid Your Picture And Picture Frame From Damage?

Your artwork and the picture frame around it has great significance for you. You should take special care of them so that they remain in the best of condition for years. There are certain tips which will help you to avoid your picture and picture frame from any damage. Follow these simple but useful tips and help your artwork and frame stay with you for long.


1. Protection From Direct Sunlight

UV rays from sun can damage both your picture and picture frame if not taken care of. Make sure that your photos and picture frame are away from the direct sunlight. It can fade the color of your photograph and picture frame. If you believe that your prized possessions is still immune to direct sunlight, get a glass or acrylic with UV coating to reduce the damage.

2. Protection From Moisture

Moisture can bring devastating effect on your artwork and picture frame. Avoid hanging your picture frame in areas with a lot of moisture like bathroom or kitchen. Usually readymade picture frames have protection against moisture, custom picture frames are the ones to watch out for. Sealing the back of frame with paper can damage to your photograph due to moisture.

3. Protection From Humidity

If you are staying at a place which is having humid climate, take better care of your photo and frame. Use mats or small spacers to prevent the photograph from touching the glass. If your photo will not touch the glass, there is less chance that humidity will damage your artwork. Creating space will give airflow so that your photo is saved from being damaged.

4. Protection From Bad Cleaning Practices

Do not spray dust cleaner on the glass of your picture frame to clean it. Most of us go for this bad practice because removing the photograph from the back and cleaning it will take time. It is better to invest some time than to see water marks on your favourite picture. Use a damp cloth to dust off your picture frame if you want to keep it in best condition.

5. Protection From Bad Handling Practices

A lot of picture frames get damaged due to bad handling. Avoid stacking your picture frames on top of each other as it can damage them. While travelling, always wrap your frames in towels or plastic bubble wrap to protect them from any damage or scratch. These tricks will help you in protecting your artwork and picture frames from damages which are irreplaceable.

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