Why is Picture Framing So Expensive?

All good things come at a hefty price and so does picture frames. You must be having this question in your mind that why is picture framing so expensive? Well, to me the problem is not the price rather it is the perception in your mind. There are many other things which are expensive but there is not so much fuss about those things. There is always a lot of reluctance among the mind of the customers when they have to pay for picture frames.

There are many reasons which are responsible for making picture frames expensive such as soaring cost of raw materials, expert’s time, etc. Apart from these obvious reasons which are very much evident, there are some reasons which are not so evident. Listed below are some of the main reasons why picture framing is expensive.


1. Inventory Problem

A large inventory is required for making a picture frame. The store owner has to keep every little thing that is essential for a complete picture frame. The cost of managing a big space with all the things is usually high. The spoilage cost adds up to the cost of picture frame. On top of it, the seller has to make a profit which further increases the cost of frames. The burden of all these costs and expenses is pass on to the customer who has to shell out more from his pocket.

2. Distribution Problem

There is always a tussle between retailers and wholesalers who fight for larger share in the profits. Since none of them want to give away their cut from the profit, the customer has to bear the brunt. Since both the parties involved try to make the maximum profit, the price is bound to surge high. Though nowadays online stores are also available which can provide you frames at one click, major portion of this industry is still controlled by traditional players.

3. Pushback Problem

As said above, customer do not want to go for high-priced picture frame, this tends to increase the price. Since the picture framer has to cover many fixed and flexible costs, he will cover it from the few sale he makes. When a customer pulls himself back from buying the frame after listening the price, this loss in customer is made up from the ones who remain there. So, this step of customer will ultimately increase the price of the picture frame.

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