Get Your Picture Framed for Better Value

“The right framing is the final exclamation point on the finished artwork.”

Framing can make or break a work of art. It really does make a difference. Even a not-so-good painting seems to improve in proper framing. The chief reasons to frame your art is to enhance your work, compliment it, to protect it from damage from elements like moisture and dust and from physical damage from handling, touching and transporting. Often, a client will see piece of artwork, fall in love with it, and then say, “but that frame ……” Is there anything more discouraging than having to re-frame a piece when you put so much time and investment into framing it in the first place? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find exactly the right frame every time? And, of course, framing is also a matter of taste. What works for one painting may not work for another. And what one artist likes may not be appreciated by another as it is with clients purchasing artwork. There is so much to choose from in frames.

Picture framing Newyork

Its really a great job of accentuating your artwork. Some key issues that will help you choose a perfect frame-

Custom Framing…Is it really that important!- Whether you are framing a poster, your kid’s handprints, or a fine work of art, custom framing will reflect your personal taste and protect your piece for years to come.
Surroundings to be kept in mind- While you should certainly consider the room’s decor, you shouldn’t match the frame to the room at the expense of what looks good with the picture. Keep in mind that the room decor may change in the future.

Perfect frame to enhances your art- Thousands of different frame styles are available along with sizes, stains, glazes, and finishes.

Preserve and Protect with Archivals- Some common framing materials such as paper mats and cardboard contain acid that will gradually destroy your art. Using archival mats and backing boards will help protect art from the damaging effects of time and from common pollutants that cause yellowing, fading and deterioration of artwork.

Choose glazing to protect your artwork- Glazing refers to the glass or acrylic material covering the artwork as a means of protection.

There are many variations including regular clear glass, anti-reflective (chemically coated), non-glare (acid etched) and conservation glass (specially formulated to help filter UV light). Acrylic glazing products that come in the non-glare and UV filtering varieties are making a mark in market. It is lighter in weight and safer than glass but requires a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser. It is ideal for oversized pieces, frames hanging in children’s rooms, or items to be shipped. Market is overwhelmed with techniques that can be applied to your art work, such as hand crafted picture frames, fine art- Giclee printing, floating frames, picture enlargement, wet/dry mounting, face mounting photos, plexiglass box frames.

Everyone should aim for consistency. Sure, not all of your work can be framed in exactly the same way, but if you can keep your framing as consistent as possible, you will simplify the decision making process and your framing will become a part of your brand. Employ your artistic eye to find the perfect match for your work, or find a framer who also has an artistic eye and have them help you find the right frame.

PaintBoxNolita, PaintBoxArt Framing, PaintBox Soho have years of experience in custom designing Frames, hand-crafted frames, floating frames. They are a helping hand in providing perfect frames that will enhance your artwork and also protect it from external elements and with all the decisions that go into properly framing your picture.


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