The World of Jane Waterous

Jane Waterous prints has a vastly established sense of restraint using just enough imagery to evoke the sense of the found object with which she has chosen to work. Jane Waterous art touches upon the thought of objects with which we engage on daily basis but do not pay much attention to or those which we might keep by us as mementos or keepsakes.

Jane Waterous arts collect and record the natural and man-made objects using blind embossing techniques. This method helps in capturing the properties of the object which are too subtle to capture in a photograph. There are simple mono prints printed from the back of a copper plate whilst shadowy remnants from the Wayfaring series resurface beneath the new images for the Quiet Archive

Jane WaterhouseJane Waterhouse-2

Jane Waterous is also touched by the tokens and keepsakes kept at the Foundling Museum in London. These are the objects that mothers have left with their babies in order to identify them in the hopes that the children might be returned to them in a better future. These tokens are drawn with a silverpoint on paper printed with soft Gamelin ink. The silver traces intensify with age.

Jane Waterhouse-3 Jane Waterhouse-5

Jane Waterous photographs of Speedwell blues and the intense greens of springtime coupled with the constant turning up of pipe bowls, rusty things and ever warring plastic soldiers from the vegetable and flower gardens are equally mesmerizing

Jane Waterhouse-4  Jane Waterhouse-6

Jane Waterous also works regularly with the ‘irregularcircle’, which is a workshops run by three artist in the Cambridge area, which helps adults and children to explore their creativity side using drawing, mixed media and three dimensional art workshops.

Jane Waterhouse-7

PaintboxArtandFraming provide stunning amusements of art prints by popular Jane Waterous with museum quality framing services at quite reasonable price. We have been farming since 12years, delivering best money value work.


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