Tips and tricks to make framing easier and attractive

Here are few Tips and Tricks that you can employ to make framing easier and attractive

Measure Twice and Cut Once

Always measure your artwork, mat, matting board and its borders meticulously. Measure it yourself and get it measured by someone else to be double sure. Make sure the numbers match and if not then work through any discrepancies to get the framing right.

Ensure Mat offset

To ensure that Mat border is not peeping from the sides of the picture make sure that you cut the Mat a little smaller then the artwork itself. To ensure mat fits properly use 1/4″ – 1/8″ on each side for a mat offset

Use cellulose or tape when drilling hole for hanging picture

By using a piece of tape on wall at the place where nail will be placed can prevent chipping of your wall . So when you decide to remove your picture from that place in future the hole would be easier to fill

Use sheet on the counter

While assembling the frame, put a sheet on the table you are doing your assembling. This will prevent your furniture and frame from being damaged

Find the centre of frame

It is always a good practice to mark the centre of frame with a pencil before hanging it. This will help a lot in hanging the frame perfectly

Order Mat Samples

It is best to order mat sample and check it in contrast to your picture. This extra step will ensure that no mistakes are made in choosing the mat color. Normally companies send mat orders for free or for a very nominal charge. This extra step will make sure that your picture perfectly matches with the mat color that you plan to use

Use a good quality hanging tape

When mounting your precious artwork always ensure that you use good quality hanging tape. A low quality tape will sap and will lose its adhesiveness over time. Filmoplast is one of the good brand that can be used for such purpose. This tape is acid free and is easier to tear and paste. This is important because in a scenario when the artwork is pulled out of the frame the tape will tear first then the artwork

Always use good quality cloth and sprays to clean glazing

It is very important to use a high quality cleaning agent to wipe of dirt from glass along with a good quality cloth which does not leave scratch on your glass. To clean the frame glass, highly recommended is dish washing liquid with warm water. This works like a charm and is safe to use

Always hang artwork from Top

It is always recommended to hang the frame from top only and leave it freely hanging at the bottom with gravity pulling it down. This prevents buckling of the frame in future


While there are technological developments taking place regularly in framing industry these little handy tips and tricks if followed will lead to longevity of your frame and artwork.


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