What do you look for while going for expert custom picture framing

Custom framing is an art of framing which requires skilled craftsmanship, years of experience and gives the option of customizing your frame as per your requirement. It also helps in protecting your art and displaying it in the best way possible. In custom framing you are free to choose your material, design and layout to show your picture as per your liking.

Key things to consider when choosing custom framing

Do not choose big chain store to get your framing done:
In big chain store you do not exactly know who is going to do the framing for you. The person at the counter who does the designing for you has minimal training and experience. You are almost guaranteed not to be satisfied with the result that you receive at the end of this process. Under no condition should you give your valuable art to big chain stores as more or less they do a bulk production job without much deliberation to quality.

Material Quality:
Always insist for a good quality molding.  A bad quality molding warps, fade and destroy the picture over time. Best quality molding are made hardwood and is acid free.

Quality framers always use only highest quality glass which helps in protecting screen my harmful UV rays and also prevent glare from direct light. There are generally 2 types of glass in marke;t Anti-Glare glass which reduces glare, UV rays reduction glass which reduces UV light entering the glass and also combination of both i.e. anti-glare as well as UV protecting glass.

This is probably the most complicated part of buying a frame. Mats can be made of cardboard or other materials that can serve as a frame within a frame. The frame separates picture from direct contact to the glass. Small air space between photograph and glass also prevents moisture build up. A mat can be decorated as per photograph’s specification- colored, decorated or pure white.

Conservation Materials:
Conservation materials are mats and mounting materials and they should be made of acid free material. Everything that is in contact with the artwork should be acid free. Mats and mounting material should also, not only be acid free but should have the quality to absorb air-born contaminates that has the ability to damage your art.

Custom made frames are best used to preserve family heirloom or irreplaceable artwork and should be always done by experienced framers. This is the reason why custom are often expensive as they tend to be made of high quality materials. Hope after following the above key points you would be able to create a frame which is accentuates your work and displays it in the highest quality possible for everyone to admire everyday.


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