Tips and tricks to make framing easier and attractive

Here are few Tips and Tricks that you can employ to make framing easier and attractive

Measure Twice and Cut Once

Always measure your artwork, mat, matting board and its borders meticulously. Measure it yourself and get it measured by someone else to be double sure. Make sure the numbers match and if not then work through any discrepancies to get the framing right.

Ensure Mat offset

To ensure that Mat border is not peeping from the sides of the picture make sure that you cut the Mat a little smaller then the artwork itself. To ensure mat fits properly use 1/4″ – 1/8″ on each side for a mat offset

Use cellulose or tape when drilling hole for hanging picture

By using a piece of tape on wall at the place where nail will be placed can prevent chipping of your wall . So when you decide to remove your picture from that place in future the hole would be easier to fill

Use sheet on the counter

While assembling the frame, put a sheet on the table you are doing your assembling. This will prevent your furniture and frame from being damaged

Find the centre of frame

It is always a good practice to mark the centre of frame with a pencil before hanging it. This will help a lot in hanging the frame perfectly

Order Mat Samples

It is best to order mat sample and check it in contrast to your picture. This extra step will ensure that no mistakes are made in choosing the mat color. Normally companies send mat orders for free or for a very nominal charge. This extra step will make sure that your picture perfectly matches with the mat color that you plan to use

Use a good quality hanging tape

When mounting your precious artwork always ensure that you use good quality hanging tape. A low quality tape will sap and will lose its adhesiveness over time. Filmoplast is one of the good brand that can be used for such purpose. This tape is acid free and is easier to tear and paste. This is important because in a scenario when the artwork is pulled out of the frame the tape will tear first then the artwork

Always use good quality cloth and sprays to clean glazing

It is very important to use a high quality cleaning agent to wipe of dirt from glass along with a good quality cloth which does not leave scratch on your glass. To clean the frame glass, highly recommended is dish washing liquid with warm water. This works like a charm and is safe to use

Always hang artwork from Top

It is always recommended to hang the frame from top only and leave it freely hanging at the bottom with gravity pulling it down. This prevents buckling of the frame in future


While there are technological developments taking place regularly in framing industry these little handy tips and tricks if followed will lead to longevity of your frame and artwork.


What do you look for while going for expert custom picture framing

Custom framing is an art of framing which requires skilled craftsmanship, years of experience and gives the option of customizing your frame as per your requirement. It also helps in protecting your art and displaying it in the best way possible. In custom framing you are free to choose your material, design and layout to show your picture as per your liking.

Key things to consider when choosing custom framing

Do not choose big chain store to get your framing done:
In big chain store you do not exactly know who is going to do the framing for you. The person at the counter who does the designing for you has minimal training and experience. You are almost guaranteed not to be satisfied with the result that you receive at the end of this process. Under no condition should you give your valuable art to big chain stores as more or less they do a bulk production job without much deliberation to quality.

Material Quality:
Always insist for a good quality molding.  A bad quality molding warps, fade and destroy the picture over time. Best quality molding are made hardwood and is acid free.

Quality framers always use only highest quality glass which helps in protecting screen my harmful UV rays and also prevent glare from direct light. There are generally 2 types of glass in marke;t Anti-Glare glass which reduces glare, UV rays reduction glass which reduces UV light entering the glass and also combination of both i.e. anti-glare as well as UV protecting glass.

This is probably the most complicated part of buying a frame. Mats can be made of cardboard or other materials that can serve as a frame within a frame. The frame separates picture from direct contact to the glass. Small air space between photograph and glass also prevents moisture build up. A mat can be decorated as per photograph’s specification- colored, decorated or pure white.

Conservation Materials:
Conservation materials are mats and mounting materials and they should be made of acid free material. Everything that is in contact with the artwork should be acid free. Mats and mounting material should also, not only be acid free but should have the quality to absorb air-born contaminates that has the ability to damage your art.

Custom made frames are best used to preserve family heirloom or irreplaceable artwork and should be always done by experienced framers. This is the reason why custom are often expensive as they tend to be made of high quality materials. Hope after following the above key points you would be able to create a frame which is accentuates your work and displays it in the highest quality possible for everyone to admire everyday.

7 Step for Custom Picture Framing

A framed artwork helps to protect your artwork from environmental conditions and will visually enhance your art or painting. Frame give a complete touch to your painting and make it glorious and attractive. There are also practical and economical considerations which the artist must remember a framed paintings are sold more easily and quickly than an unframed one.

Framing your painting requires both good selection and some basic framing knowledge to ensure proper safety of your artwork. Your personal taste is called upon when choosing the shape, size and color of the frame and mat. The more knowledge you have about conservation and the environmental hazards, the better you will protect your artwork from it.

This days people are found of having paintings for their home decor, they demand an attractive look for the paintings. This look is only possible through applying frame on your paintings, frames which have traditional look are more eye catching as they are crafted with hand crafted designs.

There are various types of frames available nowadays, which has enlarged the choice of people and helps to get the best combination for their choice.

1) Frame

Frame is a very basic platform of the whole framing process. A frame can have different type, shape, size and color. Wooden frame, Metal frame, plastic frame and glass frame are basic types of frames. Shape consist of a box (square or rectangle), oval, circle, triangle and so.


2) Mat Board

Utilizing a mat will creates a professional looking artwork at a low cost and supports the fine art while protecting it from touching the glass. Quality mat boards which are acid-free should be used as it will protect your artwork getting damaged from dust and other atmospheric particle. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to frame art with a plain, colored or textured mat. Generally, artists use plain white mat with art as it gives more glove to your art.


3) Attaching Art Work

After Cutting mats the next step is attaching your artwork. While attaching art work keep in mind by using acid-free tape for fixing art and hold it in place. When you frame artwork, tape the art to the back of the mat board.


4) Frame your art behind an acrylic or glass surface.

It’s with you that you want your artwork on acrylic or on glass surface select the best suitable for your art. Acrylic is a better insulator and much lighter than glass. It is also shatterproof. However, acrylic can cause static electricity, so never place charcoal and pastel artwork behind it. Cost of glass is less as compared to acrylic, but it can create a glare.

5) Fix glass in the frame.

The mat with your art will be fixed beneath the glass. Fix the glass with the frame and cleaning the inner glass with a soft liquid and make it ready for the final stage.

6) Seal it with backboard.

At last seal the back with a board, the material of backboard should be acid-free so that it will protect your art for a long period of time. There is a paper between this board and mat with art, paper has been just a purpose of safety.

7) Completed

Now your art is framed completely and you may put where you want it to be. You will notice that the artwork having frame became more attractive than before.

So, at last framing is a very important for your artwork or paintings, they give a unique look to your paintings.

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