Some Ordinary Mistakes that Picture Framers Make

Picture framing which serves as an addition in the beauty of art can sometimes prove to be a disaster if the picture frames makes a critical mistake and ruins the artwork, what if that picture has been your family heirloom and has been going down in your family since ages. Nobody want to let bad things happen to your artwork. Lets take a look at some common mistakes that the picture framers make.

Amazing framing designs for their decor needs

1. Don’t let the picture touch the glass.

It should always be kept in mind that the picture should stay clear of the glass and there should be space between them. Because it may happen that when space is not left between the artwork and the glass then the it may stick to the glass and a considerable amount of damage may occur when trying to get it off the glass.

2. Don’t use too sticky tapes

Tape is never an ideal option to use in framing, but even though if you do use tapes then make sure you don’t use the general sticky brown tapes to stick the artwork because when you will try to remove it you will end up removing a considerable amount of frame and also damage the artwork.

3. Use proper cutting tools

Poorly cut mounts have been the most common mistakes in the framing business. When not using proper cutting tools to cut the mounts you will see that there remains voids between the art work and paper. But to avoid this use of professional cutting tools should be done so that smooth and symmetrical cutting happens on the mounting.

4. Taking help of Glue to mount art to backing

As if you have done a good job using the tapes now you are thinking of using the glue to stick the artwork to the backing, well if you do so then just say bye to that artwork. If you are not a professional frame artist then you should not even think about it. If you have already used the glue to stick the painting to the backboard then it will be hard even for the professional to help you in this case. So it would be better that you follow some professional steps and try to avoid disaster.

5. Don’t use cheap materials

Well using of cheap materials for the frames will prove to be cost effective at start but it may prove fatal in the running years. It may happen that the cheap materials used may give a permanent damage to your artwork, sometimes the material used may not be acid free which means that they are tend to damage in the long run.

These are some the basic mistakes that picture framers make sometimes or they may even be made by people who are attempting to make a “do it yourself” custom picture frame. So next time keep in mind this things and try to avoid this mistakes, so that you don’t end up ruining your picture.


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