Framing pictures to preserving your favourite picture or memory

The picture framing industry has grown leaps and bounds since long back. As picture framing is in huge demand the industry continues to evolve with various types of art framing.

Custom Framing is the art of creating a design frame specifically for your artwork.

You need custom framing when

  • Your artwork or photographs doesn’t fit in standard frames
  • To match your decor
  • To preserve your valuable memory or favourite photograph
  • Protects from dust and other environmental elements

If you look back in fifties, you will find that vintage glass cutter and chopper for cutting molding in frame shop. Everything was done manually. But now well equipped framing shops are there which can drive consumers to pick up a picture frame. Moreover, internet has taken some market share, as nowadays, people are buying custom picture framing online. There is one such website PaintBoxArtFraming which offers great custom picture framing for all sizes at affordable prices along. You get Ed heck’s, Jane Waterouse and Michael Magill art work along with custom art work.

Custom picture framing

Custom picture framing for Ed Heck Prints


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